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Australia’s first 24/7 Consulting firm. We are here when you need us - in your time!
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Our vision

Our vision is to assist you change your business forever.! That’s right for the forever! With business under so much pressure in today’s times to survive getting an outside unbiased view is priceless and can assist you deliver on your outcomes.

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our mission

After recognizing a gap in the market where outside influence can assist your business without any predetermined idea or concept of what currently happens internally at present.

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what we offer

We have at our disposal a dynamic and energetic group of executives that can be brought together to assist in any area of your business.

Sales Strategist

Adelaide’s leading Sales strategist offering simple effective ways to increase your conversions and get more from your opportunity. Effective management of leads including advertising and cnversions to increase revenue. Consistently proven performers follow a plan and with over 25 years experience in sales, management, key account management as well as new business development we will deliver on our commitment. Training and development programs both internally and externally.

Executive General Management

Experienced executive General management offering a variety of skills to assist your business from sales, Admin, finance, production and management we have someone to help you where need. We have exceptional drive and determination to build winning platforms for organisations so they can go on to achieve and realise. Bottom line focused with an eye for cost control we deliver for you. On site not from a laptop at an office.

Passionate Mentor

We have a selection of Mentor programs at different levels which can be tailored to meet your needs. There are many advantages to having a business coach or mentor and someone that is not part of your team or personal life to offer you a chance to be challenged in all that you do. Mentoring is nothing new and is an opportunity to have someone involved with you that offers a different range of skills and encouragement.


We are able to coach on a needs basis whether a whole team or certain individuals within your team to achieve their targets and assist you manage that process. Our reporting systems allows you to be specific in your approach when development of people is key. We plan our coaching sessions around the needs of each and every person and work together to deliver.


Dale Stone

CEO / Business Consultant / Sales Analyst
Over 25 years experience in highly challenging markets, Dale has the professional know how and drive to deliver change and challenge the status quo. An expert in his field, easily a stand out for offering new and highly motivated changes to any organisation. More on Dale

Brad Dick

IT Services Analyst / Business Consultant / Human Resources
Brad is previously a computer Analyst for a major financial organisation and offers 20 years experience in web development, SEO, Landing pages and general business advice. Unique in his approach Brad is confident and highly motivated to succeed. More on Brad

Jacy Arthur

Design Consultant
Highly motivated, Jacy has been designing for 20 years for a small company in Adelaide. The hunger to challenge herself is a testament of her determination. More on Jacy

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