Who Are We


stoneTech Consulting
was founded to fill a gap in the
market place for quality guidance and information.

Therefore, results focused, with energetic strategic planning and execution,
no guess work in what we do.

Businesses can also be guided by Finance, Human Relation or Administration issues.
However, unless your business is performing and your team is delivering
on customer expectation, 
then you might as well be like the rest.

stoneTech Consulting
have enormous experience in this area.
Driving the most of your opportunity and creating a referral platform like no other.

Using our pillars of service approach.

stoneTech sales

Sales / Leads

stoneTech operations


stoneTech coaching


stoneTech managemeng


Due to these four pillars,
we can inspire cultures to work together for the better of the business and or individual.
Hence focusing on delivering improved sales results
utilising programs and reporting that works.

Also, sales or the front end of the business underpins the whole company,
so make a change before change is forced upon you by someone or something else.

Armed with global information, we can see that what America was doing 6 years ago,
Australia is experiencing now.

Whilst financial conversant our background is through strategic management,
strategic sales growth and control and helping you understand which
direction you need to go in.


Our Business Solution services include the following:


Our Partners

We work with the following strategic partners to assist your business in many forms:

Forensic Accountant’s
Pro active business accountants.
Manufacturing Consultants.
Production consultants.
IT Support/Consultants.
Social media Experts including content writing.
Change expert managers
Business management experts
Recruiters/HR Specialists.


At stoneTech Consulting
we have had careers at big brands and made significant impact
and changes to improve 
over 20 years experience in sales/process/policies

All aspects:-
Assisting sales people earn more money and companies more profit.
Business strategy and analysing.
Sales Strategist, General management, change management.
Business Growth – sales strategies – increased profits
Onsite and offsite training.

 Feel free to drop in or contact us for a free with no obligation

Inspiring cultures to work together for
the better of the business and or individual.

Focused on delivering improved sales results
utilizing programs and reporting that work.